Product review – Multi-Kill Reusable Rat Rodent Zapper Electronic Mouse Trap Killer

Some countries are experiencing a mouse plague. Mouse do a lot of damage and co-habitation really isn’t desirable in most scenarios for a variety of reasons.

While prevention is better than cure, sometimes you may find the need to exterminate the critters. Trap and release may seem more humane, but it can cause more problems as mice breed so often and have a litter size of 10 – 12.

Some used poison baits, not thinking much about the suffering of the mice and the wider environmental consequences. A poisoned mouse can keep on killing if other creatures devour it during the days before its excruciatingly painful demise; and afterward.

Others started using traditional mouse traps instead, which while rather brutal are pretty effective. Unfortunately, there have been a few occasions when mouse is still alive in the trap; so they had suffered for some hours. Some people don’t particularly like using snap traps for this reason and other issues.

Few years ago, Trapall developed a Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap Killer.

Here are the special features:

1. The electric mouse trap uses a high-voltage shock to instantly kill mouse as long as it gets into the trap, but purely no pain to them, no chance of letting it get away

2. When you turn on the switch, you will see the indicator light and hear the beep sound, it means the trap is ready to catch mouse

3. The trap can be operated with four batteries or AC adapter (USA plug or EU plug), you can choose one that fits you most

4. Large capacity: The electronic rodent zapper can catch 10 mice, the larger capacity design is more convenient to use

5. Two entrances on the both side of the trap increase more catching chance

6. No blood and no need to touch the rodent. Just take out the storage box, it is just like a drawer, and throw the dead body into the trash can, then clean it with water

7. Special humane escape route design: If some mice are not killed by the electric shock and still alive, they may bite the trap and even bite each other, so for this reason, there’s a hole on the storage box and inside the trap, there is also an escape door beside the entrance

Setting the trap is easy. Indicator light signals:

1. Power on: Solid green light and sound signal 2 ”beep” after successful start sequence the trap will enter armed mode

2. Armed: Red light blinks every two seconds

3. Kill: Solid red light followed by sound signal 2 ”beep”

4. Battery low: Green light every two seconds

5. Problem/full: Sound signal 4 ”beep” followed by alternating red and green lights

You would be very impressed with the Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap. the electrocution process is incredibly quick. You will not hear any thrashing or anything to indicate the animal suffers for more than a couple of seconds.

Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap – is it green?

It certainly seems to be a more humane and cleaner way of dealing with mice – but is the trap environmentally friendly? Compared to using poisons, yes. However, while a compact unit, it’s still a fair lump of plastic, with associated electronics; plus batteries are required. That said, if the Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap lasts well and you use rechargeable batteries, that reduces its overall environmental impact a little. 

All things considered, if you’re averse to using spring loaded mousetraps for whatever reason, the Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is certainly worth considering as a humane, clean and more environmentally friendly alternative to baiting.

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