Why are some people so afraid of mice?

I used to have a house next to a cornfield. At the time I had two cats, one of whom liked to hunt squirrels, but didn’t seem to be super enthused about mice. Once in a while I’d get a mouse in the house.

After I (and the cats) moved in to what was then my girlfriend’s house, mine sat vacant for a few weeks. We went back to do some cleaning and packing and sure enough there were a number of mice in the now catless kitchen. It was me that jumped and screamed, much to her amusement.

I’m not really scared of mice, though.  You’re seeing something moving and especially something that is moving where it’s not supposed to be and it messes with your brain. It takes longer for you to process what you’ve seen than it does to make a visceral response—in this case squawking and taking a couple steps back. As soon as I realized what the thing in the corner of my eye was, I went to get the traps and set them up, and I was fine.

There are, of course, rational reasons not to want wild mice in the house (I actually think pet mice are cute). One of these is that they defecate; they also can be disease vectors. So if you’re conditioned to think disgust is an appropriate response to mice, I could see self-reinforcement at work as well.

The notion that women are more scared of mice than men is no doubt simply confirmation bias of the stereotype. There’s nothing about being startled that is unique to women.

Now we invent a electric mouse trap.

Special features:

  1. The electric mouse trap uses a high-voltage shock to instantly kill mouse as long as it gets into the trap, but purely no pain to them, no chance of letting it get away
  2. When you turn on the switch, you will see the indicator light and hear the beep sound, it means the trap is ready to catch mouse
  3. The trap can be operated with four batteries or AC adapter(USA plug or EU plug), you can choose one that fits you most
  4. Large capacity: The electronic rodent zapper can catch 10 mice, the larger capacity design is more convenient to use
  5. Two entrances on the both side of the trap increase more catching chance
  6. No blood and no need to touch the rodent. Just take out the storage box, it is just like a drawer, and throw the dead body into the trash can, then clean it with water

Special humane escape route design: If some mice are not killed by the electric shock and still alive, they may bite the trap and even bite each other, so for this reason, we make a hole on the storage box and inside the trap, there is also an escape door beside the entrance

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