Signs of a Mice Infestation

So how do you know if you have a mice infestation? It is quite simple for you to notice the presence of these rodents. Here are some of the signs that depict their presence:

1. Presence of Mouse Feces

One distinct feature of mice is they poop a lot. So where do they do their business? Mice have no precise place to poop, they poop everywhere!

Their feces are pellet-like in structure, black in color, and their size is almost a quarter an inch. However, rat poop is different from that of mice, with about half an inch in size and slightly wider.

2. Presence of Strange Markings on Walls

Mice will always avoid open spaces when roaming around or moving. Instead, their movements are close to walls. When they move, they usually leave behind a continuous string of dirt. This is one sign that your home is infested with mice.

3. Scratching and Mouse “Voices”

Mice are among the most active animals at night apart, from bats. It’s at this time that you’ll hear noises in basements, between wall partitions, lofts, and even on ceilings.

Funny rat footsteps are also an indicator that you have mice infestations. One mouse can give birth to up to 5 young ones. At any given time, these young ones make a lot of mice cries.

4. Strong Urine Smell

Mice ad rats are animals that urinate frequently. Their urine has a strong ammonia-like smell. The moment you start smelling ammonium in your home you may have an infestation of mice. It is especially the case if you don’t have ammonia in your house or any other animals that their pee smells like ammonia,.

5. Presence of Dead or Alive Mouse

If you spot a mouse roaming around during the day or night, then chances are there are a number of them in your home. Finding dead mice is also a clear indication of a possible mice infestation.

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