How to Get Rid of Mice


We all know that mouse is a very smart animal, they often hide themselves in the place which we can’t find easily. So the critical first step to get rid of mice is to inspect possible mice activity. It is essential to find their nests and frequent activity locations.

The best inspection time is at dusk. Using a flashlight would be handy to see into corners and recessed areas.

We can find the possible mice activity through looking for their activity tracks, mice shit, mice urine stains, dead mice and gnawing damage they made. Another sign of possible mice activity is that your pet will suddenly become excited or upset when mice enter the area.


To get rid of mice successfully, identification of which type of rodent is also an important step. The head of a rat is generally bigger to its body than a mouse’s head to its body. It may be challenging to identify a rodent while it is running. You can see the distinctive round ” Mickey Mouse” ears on a dead mouse. You can see the differences carefully through the picture below, or search it on the internet.

Get rid of mice

A complete rodent elimination to occur before the rodents move to another area. A successful rodent control program includes a combination of baiting and trapping for the highest rate of success.

When starting to put bait, you don’t try to disturb their original habitats, otherwise they may run to another area. After putting bait, continue with sanitation procedures, food source removal, and hidden place removal to ensure additional rodents from nearby areas are not attracted to your location.

Do you have a electronic mouse trap?

The electric mouse trap uses a high-voltage shock to instantly kill mouse as long as it gets into the trap, but purely no pain to them, no chance of letting it get away.

When you turn on the switch, you will see the indicator light and hear the beep sound, it means the trap is ready to catch mouse.

The trap can be operated with four batteries or AC adapter(USA plug or EU plug), you can choose one that fits you most.

Large capacity: The electronic rodent zapper can catch 15  mice, the larger capacity design is more convenient to use.

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