What is the most humane way to catch mice in your house?

To reduce a rodent population and prevent rapid growth, many people choose to kill them immediately, but for some people, killing mouse is very cruel, they just want to trap them in one place and then release them outside. Some mouse traps in our company can keep mice alive, and they can also ensure that children and pets not access the poison bait, safe and effective.

The most humane way is to trap the mice, and release them far away from the house (by car). Or, if you are not opposed to killing them, the baited snap traps are very swift and effective. It can avoid poison bait or glue traps.

However, you need to figure out where they come from and how to block them off. You need to check the places like attics, basements, dryer vents, etc for entry points and nests. You can also try some rodent deterrents inside and outside the house. If you have other pets who are careful about your traps, baits and the mice themselves ( The parasites and diseases which they carry will make your cats and dogs be infected).

Mice have a long history in medical research. In fact, they were first mammalian species that is specifically used in laboratories.

Why this species has been used for lab researches?
There are 3 reasons in the follow:

-Commercial Reasons
Mice are relatively inexpensive and can be bought in large quantities from commercial producers.
-Administrative reasons
Mouse is small and easy-grow animal, and they adapt well to new surroundings.
The rodents are also generally mild-tempered and docile, which makes them easy for researchers to handle.
-Scientific reasons
Mice can be a good model for humans because of great similarities of brain structure and function.
They eat the same food, live in the same places, even they get many diseases that is similar to human, like obesity and diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological diseases.

What is the most humane way to catch mice in your house?

A humane live catch mouse trap cage, just putting bait like peanut butter or cheese on the bait cup, then set the trap to wait for mouse enter the trap. It just traps mouse inside the cage, no kill design. You can release it outside by opening the door

Another humane way to kill mouse is the popular CO2 Multi-catch Mouse Trap Smart Auto Reset Rat Rodent Killer with Stand. It uses high efficiency hormone bait to lure mouse near the trap, when mouse climbs into the hole, and the launch setting of the strike plate will be triggered, then kills mouse immediately, and then dead mouse falls down, the strike plate will automatic reset, wait for next mouse to come. It doesn’t cause pain for mouse, very humane. The stand is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

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